Words From Alumni

For their warming my heart and helping me find myself, I’m brimming with gratitude to my supportive teachers and friendly schoolmates.

Sky, Class of 2022   

Since entering in 2018, I have transitioned from an adolescent to what a young adult is like in my eyes, and for this, my sincere gratitude goes to my teachers’ mentorship and my schoolfellows’ companionship.

Max, Class of 2022   

Encapsulated in my four years at school are the great times spent with my school mate who are also my friends. Wish my classmates every success and happiness in their college years and beyond… 

Gabriella, Class of 2022   

I hate having to bid farewell to my beautiful high school days, which I will cherish in the innermost recesses of my heart. I love you, Qinghua Zhiqing International ! 

Lee, Class of 2022   

For the last four years, BQZHS was my second home, where I have grown so much and met peers and teachers who are kind and humorous. But it’s Susan, our principal, who played the biggest part in my growth. Had it not been for her guidance and encouragement, I might not have had the vision and valor that I have today. 

Eric, Class of 2022   

The great days we spent together might have worn off though, living on in my heart are the teachers’ ringing words of advice and the wonderful moments shared with my classmates. Every success to all the endeavors of my peers and the faculty members!

Vicky, Class of 2022   

With graduation drawing near, I think back to the bunch of like-minded fellows I have met and befriended at BQZHS. While bitter at leave-taking, we taste the sweetness of embarking on an exciting journey towards our bright future.

Daniel, Class of 2022   

Lots of beautiful memories, the Pineapple Art Festival, the New Year Talents Show… How much I miss our teachers at school. Take good care of yourself, my sisters and brother at BQHZI…

Harry, Class of 2021   

Everything has two sides to it, doesn’t it? The weight I have put on from the yummy meals at our school cafeteria really set my mom thinking about her cooking skills…

Antony, Class of 2021   

BQZHS leads you to your dream schools. So much so, like to see you at the University of Manchester!

Flynn, Class of 2021   

Blessed by my beloved teachers at BQZHS, I am more confidence. I will be back to my Alma Mater not as a student, but as a teacher!

Mark, Class of 2021   

I’m deeply indebted to my school and myself for sticking to my dream of carving out a career in the Fashion Management field and for getting admitted to my dream school. My school fellows, do take our counselors’ words to heart. 

Pape, Class of 2021   

I do not want to depart my Alma Mater, where lives the lasting memories of the wonderful times I spent. 

Lisa, Class of 2020   

My heartfelt thanks to my high school, offered me the valuable opportunity to study, and find my career interests in industrial design. Now I am sitting at Pratt thinking of my great teachers back at my BQZHS. 

Alice, Class of 2020   

I count myself one of the few lucky ones – to have been surrounded and taught at BQZHS by some of the greatest and most talented teachers I have ever met!

Joshura, Class of 2019   

I’ll come back to BQZHS to be the principal. 

Zhao & Yang, Class of 2019   

We study with our teachers like team members, it has been a pleasant journey with our teachers and mentors. 

Fiona, Class of 2019   

Let me behold my school at sunset once again and imprint this beautiful scene in my memories. Goodbye, my high school! The last three years were the best time of my life as I grew to embark on the journey to my dream school overseas. 

Mark, Class of 2018   

Many thanks to my high school for helping me apply to those prestigious schools that are way beyond my expectation,  and what pleasant surprises (admissions) thus followed!

Wei, Class of 2018   

At BQZHS, I felt the warmth of care from our teachers and the heartiness of help from my classmates. I am pound of being part of this big family over the past three years!

Leo, Class of 2016   
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