Qinghua Zhiqing International

Beijing Qinghua Zhiqing High School ( BQZHS ) was founded in 1989 by the teachers association from Tsinghua University Affiliated High School. This is a place where traditional humanistic spirit and modern scientific ideas are united; this is the place where specially privileged youth from Peking University and Tsinghua University met, and this is the place where bright ideas of elites are integrated. 

BQZHS shares the same education philosophy as Tsinghua University that is “Self-Discipline, Social Commitment”. We carry the school motto of “Early Learning, Self-Discipline, Student-centered Teaching and Social Commitment”. Many excellent students have graduated from our school during the past over 30 years, and alumni are currently attending some of the best universities including Tsinghua University, Renmin University of China, Beijing Sport University, Communication University of China, Shanghai Jiaotong University and Tongji University, etc .

BQZHS is dedicated to the integration of Chinese and Western culture to bring the best parts of both to our students. Adopting bilingual teaching, we offer AP / A-Level curriculum in our school. Small size class ensures adequate attention to each student. We treat students with care and affection of a family member. 

Guided by the educational philosophy of noble spirit, BQZHSfocuses on academic study to cultivate elites that are in accordance with our motto, which is elite, simplicity, order, discipline and pragmatism. BQZHS endow our students with love, respect and understanding during their growth, meanwhile we adopt zero tolerance to breaches of principle. Everyone of BQZHS is a member of our big family, together we will grow and create a successful and joyful life!

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